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The Nutri-Body Analysis

The Nutri-Body Analysis is a comprehensive tool designed to gather detailed information about an individual's symptoms. Through symptomatology testing, the Nutri-Body Analysis provides insights into the body such as potential digestive issues, nutrient deficiencies, toxic burdens or heavy metal excesses, thyroid or adrenal dysfunctions, metabolic disturbances, and more. 

The Nutri-Body Analysis helps uncover potential...

What is symptomatology testing?

Symptomatology testing involves analyzing an individual's symptoms to assist in identifying underlying health issues or imbalances. The process begins with a comprehensive questionnaire of the client's symptoms. Once the symptoms are identified, they are categorized and analyzed to uncover potential patterns or connections between symptoms, with the goal of finding the root cause.

Clients should anticipate spending around 45-60 minutes completing the questionnaire, ensuring that they provide accurate and thorough responses to enable the nutritionist to develop the most beneficial strategies for their unique circumstances.

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